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‘Today’s Date: 28/05/2006 [SAT],
4 days to go. Am I happy? Yes – inside, no – outside. Yes because it’s going to be over and no because it could happen.
I love: talking to people
I wish: today I could go on the computer and chat on my mobile.
I’m going to: talk to people when I get my phone and comp(uter) access back.
**[try not to be TO obsessed with these things]**
The best thing about today was: thinking about what I’m going to do.
I feel: Happy!/Sad/
Today’s Date: 30/05/2006 [MON],
1st/06/2006 [WED] – Waaaay!! (Gerard + Mikey Way) wayha!
Nice! (x3), N (x5)
I love: music 1000%
I wish: I could get the albums on my list and get my MP3 that I want [would like to get].
I’m going to: clearly think on what I’m going to do
The best thing about today was: getting my things that I needed.
I fee;: Happy!/Sad’

xImmortalMindsx [2013 – 2017]

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