Friday, 28 July 2017


When I was grounded, I had to accept I did something wrong. [RELATED POST]
I don't know whether to talk about this. But, it took trust away from people.
From what you hear on the news, I got grounded due to doing something foolish on the internet.

So, my computer privileges, and mobile privileges was taken away.
First 2 months, then 6 months, because it got worse in real life.

As I look back on it now, it is something to laugh about. About how foolish i was, to do something I shouldn't have.
However, it was something to see the different things you could do, if there wasn't any device privileges. I may have been so low in mood, but, it grew my creativity/doing activities, to what I would say, to the MAX. ANYTHING was my inspiration.

So, I welcome being grounded, curfews, etc., to this day.
If so, it's just things to let others know, that it WASN'T good to do this. And TRUST is the biggest, RESPECT to be earned.

Learning is a must.

Take care,

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