Hi, this is 'Living, Writing + Posting' the blog of my dreams.

One day I thought of a blog that I could keep that will allow me to post my heart out, change the backgrounds and make the layout on how I want it to be (enabling other websites to connect to it is a bonus). So here we are today.

Blogger gives you all these needs and it works out pretty well and you get to connect to 'Google' it's self so accounts, saving your interest searches are ever so good and etc.

So, my blog is clearly about the things I have done or written over the years. It's just to help and see the difficulties, the good times and weird times of just being a teenager. It can be difficult but there is always ways to get through them...even if no one thinks so.

By the power of inspiration of watching 'Ugly Betty' one day (early early in the morning) on 'E4',  just thought of doing a blog, well, using the blog for what you want it to be intended for and I just looked at the stuff that I've written or am writing right now and the ever collection is great.

With poems, stories and stuff I've just written and drawn over time, I just found them pretty cool and I just wanted all of them in just one place because they are jumbled all about the place but just to have this blog would be good to just keep.

All through the June starting to just use it for what I wanted it actually is taking shape and I'm very proud of it. So if you do continue to read, I hope that every time I post is going to be a great new 'adventure' (joke) time to just read and actually have fun in all the times that this blog is running.

Thanks for reading this and viewing my blog, hope you love it as much as I can keep up with it!

- Part of 'Spec-tacular + Co Projects, 2013-2014 -