Sunday, 18 March 2018


I honestly don’t know where to start lord. I’ve been given all these ideas, and i don’t have a clear mind where to start. I’m finding out things later, than i would love to find out now. But, these are how some things go.

So, as i’m thinking this, putting here. I wonder where to truly start.
First, it started with one word. That is good. Nothing much comes out of my mind lately.

An idea to write a book. That would take a long time, and my doubts if it’ll make a difference. But there is always little hope. All set to see what would happen.

As the snow is outside, it currently fell throughout the day.
First, the day was nice, despite the bracing cold. It hurt even the day before. Struggling to stay warm.

The day was good. Waiting for time to past by. Having nice meals. Enough to know, the day after, the light is gone now, and for nearly an hour now. It’s kind of not great, well, not great for now, because it shall be a heavy struggle to stay warm.

I keep forgetting to play my game. I’m afraid of my headaches, but see, now i have something for it. That’s one step.

It has been helping with creating lately. Really nice. 
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