Saturday, 31 October 2015

Lifestyle: No Rush

I always feel like I shouldn't rush.

There's such in this life, that makes you, or wants you to go faster. That may not be possible for everyone.
There's deadlines, assignments, and all sorts of other things, that just need to be set there and then.

* Tip: with this, if the person who set it is OK and you ask for a longer deadline, or hand in with what you have, they'll extend it. Always ask for help, or inspiration if you have no ideas from day one.

From my experience, before I knew I had dyslexia and severe illnesses (migraine mostly + depression), I noticed myself getting more help from the teacher than others in my class.

Even at the main uni, I was struggling, and my main tutor could see this. [Uni whys, non encouraging, link,].

Through asking, I got a bit of the task done, and inspiration helped too.
For this time of days, I can write things, but not plan or schedule, or I would have to schedule things a week or so ahead.
Nothing goes to plan, but it happens to us all sometime.

Anyway, through this life, we may, or may not have to rush things. If it's stressing you, making you anxious, etc. just stop, learn the ways you calm down [seek help to know what's best for you]. Ask, or continue when you are ready.

Take care,

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